Turtle's Journey Necklace - Wildlife Duty
Turtle's Journey Necklace - Wildlife Duty

Turtle's Journey™️ - Necklace

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100 MILLION Animals Die due to the plastic waste EVERY YEAR!

And plastic has been found in nearly ALL of the sea turtles causing millions of them to die a painful death they don't deserve! And it's all our fault... It's now Our Duty to save our marine friends!

Help Save The Sea Turtles! Spark conversations with our handcrafted Turtle's Journey Necklace! Get Your Very Unique Turtle To Track and follow them on an unforgettable journey! On top of that, up to 10% of each purchase Will Be Donated towards cleaning our ocean and saving trash Trapped Animals!
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Follow Your Turtle's Journey! Get to know your new friend! Their name, size, age, story, pictures, and see where the waves will bring them on an interactive map! 
  • Save The Turtles - The Turtle's Journey Necklace was created to spread awareness and provide help to the sea turtles from all around the world!
  • High-Quality - The Turtle's Journey Necklace is beautifully handmade and handpicked with a High-Quality Stainless Steel. Every necklace is unique, just like the turtles!
  • Track Your Unique Sea Turtle! - Follow your turtle on a journey, while saving thousands of marine lives!


Order your Turtle's Journey Necklace today and save lives! You will get a confirmation number with the link to your turtle tracking right after your purchase. All Rights Reserved to Turtle's Journey.
Be Proud of Yourself! Up to 10% of your purchase goes towards marine studies, cleaning up the oceans of trash, and saving trapped animals! We are now partnered up with seaturtle.org in reaching our mutual goal! The necklace may appear more sparkly in person than on pictures.
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