Copy of FAQ just in case

Please check out our FAQs before emailing us about your order!

Where is my order?

  • Please check our Shipping Info section of our website for the most updated shipping information
  • Please be aware that the shipping times do not reflect the delays caused by the Covid-19
  • We are using the most economical shipping method to minimize the carbon footprint while delivering your package to you

I didn't get any confirmation emails?

  • Oftentimes, customers give us a wrong email and we are unable to search their order. It usually is the matter of one wrong letter, or the customer uses alternative email.
  • If you didn't receive a confirmation with us, please send us your zip-code, so we will be able to find and trouble shoot the orders for you!
  • Please make sure you ordered from us, we are NOT Wildlife Mission.

I would like to change the address/cancel my order!

  • No problem! We can cancel your order or make any changes to your order within the initial 24 hours from the purchase date. After that time period, the order is being processed and we are unable to make any changes to it. 
  • WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any wrong customer input, we send out multiple confirmation emails meant for the customer to double check all the information and make necessary changes to their orders. After the 24 hours, we cannot do anything about it. Please check our policies.

How does the tracking work?

  • All turtles are found and rescued by the marine scientists associated with SeaTurtles Organization. Most turtles found trapped in trash, or injured will be brought to our rehab center, where we help turtles recover, and put tracking devices on them
  • The tracking devices will not affect their everyday life, and their main purpose is to gather data about the endangered species as well us study the turtles' patterns and natural behaviors
  • Entertainment is NOT the main purpose of the tracking, please understand. 

My turtle hasn't moved for weeks, is this normal?

  • Yes, it's totally normal for the turtle tracking to update every couple of weeks. The turtle tracking has a limited battery time, and will only start sending signals once the conditions are right.
  • Sometimes, if the turtle tracking stops working, it might mean that something happened to the turtle. Unfortunately, we cannot interfere with the mother nature, and all living creatures will one day become one with our planet.

I didn't get my Turtle Tracking, where is it?

  • Please allow up to 10 minutes for the tracking to appear in your email, please check your spam and promotions folder
  • If you still did not get your turtle to track, please email us with your order# and we will manually send you the turtle!
  • Please be aware that turtles are assigned randomly and there are instances where multiple people will track the same turtle.

Can I get more than 1 turtle to track

  • Unfortunately, we can only issue one turtle per customer, there are simply not enough turtles on our planet for everyone to track. Creating a new order and changing it up a little will not work, as our system recognizes the previous customers.
  • We do not recommend creating multiple different orders just to get more turtles. 

Why are you donating only up to 10% of your profits?

  • We are not a non-profit charity organization and we are not having any sponsors. All our expenses need to be covered from our own pockets. 
  • Some of the expenses that we are responsible are: Website maintenance, content creation, feeding our employees, marketing, associates fees, and many many more. We can only squeeze this much out of the average order value of 19.99, which barely covers all our expenses. We don't donate less than 5% of our profits, and we strive to make more sales in the future to donate more! :) 
  • Even if we lose money for the entire month, we still try to donate at least as much as we can out of our own pocket!
  • We are super thankful for all the support, especially during these uncertain times. We are struggling hard to stay in business, again thank you for your support as well as your kind words!
  • We are currently partnered with the Sea Turtle Organization, as well as we donate to multiple different charities of our choice.

Where is the product being made and where are you shipping from?

  • The product is manufactured and hand made in South Korea
  • We ship from all around the world, however due to the recent events caused by the coronavirus, we are currently unable to refill our warehouses in the USA or EU, we are currently shipping directly from China.